Meet Brittney & Mike

Hey There! We are so glad you’re here! So, what would you like to know about us? We could tell you all about our puppy Baxter, or how our house is almost 100 years old. Or maybe you would want to know that we love Jesus and try our best to glorify Him in all that we do. We could talk about how we love to go thrifting or to IKEA! Or we could tell you how much we love coffee and chocolate…Oh and pretty much anything with carbs :) We are wine lovers, Mike: dry reds and Britt: semi sweet whites. We love traveling but also love being at home. We could tell you SO many things, but what we would love to do is have you over for some coffee or wine and really get to know you. How’s that sound? Pretty awesome, right?! Contact us and we can set a date. Can’t wait! To find out more about us you can keep looking through the blog or hop on over to our Main Website for more information!